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The registered user 2000 will receive a free Joomla Book Joomla! Web Security by Tom Canavan shipped free of charge anywhere in the world!

  • Learn how to secure your Joomla! websites
  • Real-world tools to protect against hacks on your site
  • Implement disaster recovery features
  • Set up SSL on your site
  • Implementing steps for successful Joomla! website architecture
  • Setting up metrics to measure security
  • Exploring the test and development environment; developing your test plan to make sure everything will work as planned
  • Utilizing your test and development site for disaster recovery
  • Measuring the performance of your software development projects using a software development management system
  • Exploring several tools to help protect your website
  • Diving into security vulnerabilities: why they exist; some typical counter measures
  • Exploring SQL Injections – how they can hurt you and how to prevent them
  • Mastering the two important security layers – php.ini and .htaccess
  • Reading and analyzing logs relevant to protecting your Joomla! site
  • Handling Security Incidents in a professional manner
  • Blocking nuisance IP addresses

This book is a must-read for anyone seriously using Joomla! for any kind of business, ranging from small retailers to larger businesses. With this book they will be able to secure their sites, understand the attackers, and more, without the drudging task of looking up in forums, only to be flamed, or not even find the answers.

Prior knowledge of Joomla! is expected but no prior knowledge of securing websites is needed for this book. The reader will gain a moderate to strong level of knowledge on strengthening their sites against hackers.